Project Summary

INVESTED is a PCORnet-designated study of high-dose INnfluenza Vaccine to Effectively Stop Cardio Thoracic Events and Decompensated heart failure (INVESTED). Influenza is known to be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events and several studies have suggested that the influenza vaccine may attenuate cardiac risk in at-risk populations. The high morbidity and health care costs among patients with high-risk cardiovascular disease along with the reduced immune responses to standard dose influenza vaccines in patients with heart failure provides a compelling rationale to investigate alternative influenza vaccination strategies in this patient population. This study is a multicenter, randomized trial comparing two doses of influenza vaccine in patients who have had a history of myocardial infarction or heart failure.

Project Aims

The project aims to investigate two objectives: 1) test whether a high dose trivalent influenza vaccine will reduce the composite of death or cardiopulmonary events compared with standard dose quadrivalent influenza vaccine in high-risk cardiovascular patients and 2) test whether antibody titers to influenza vaccine antigens are associated with cardiopulmonary outcomes.

Grantee Institution: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Mid-South PI: H. Keipp Talbot, MD MPH
Funding Source: NIH
Participating Mid-South Sites: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Health Sciences South Carolina

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