Welcome to the Mid-South Clinical Data Research Network

The Mid-South Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN), centered at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), includes academic health centers, community hospitals and a range of outpatient practices including primary care, specialty practices and safety net facilities that serve diverse populations across the Southern United States, and includes the capacity to reach a national population.  The objective of our CDRN is to robustly support projects in comparative effectiveness research, pragmatic clinical trials, and other key research areas.  Through the network, we can provide you access to a broad array of clinical data, patients, providers, and systems to address an array of research questions.

Our Focus

The Mid-South CDRN focuses on health systems that reach rural and urban populations. Our CDRN encompasses three large health systems:

  1. the Vanderbilt Health System which currently includes electronic medical records for over 2 million patients,
  2. the growing Vanderbilt Healthcare Affiliated Network (VHAN) which currently includes 45 hospitals, 300 ambulatory practices, and will cover over 3 million patients in the mid-South, and
  3. a partnership with Greenway Health and other national organizations to provide access to over 1600 practices and 18 million patients across the country.
  4. the Carolinas Collaborative which includes University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and Health Sciences South Carolina and reaches over 9 million patients.

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Tools & Research

The Mid-South CDRN has developed tools and capacities to support comparative effectiveness research and pragmatic research. We have methods to develop and validate computable phenotypes for identification of particular patient groups.  We can extract clinical data from electronic health records, claims, and other data sources.  Additionally, we have developed tools for electronic identification, contact, consent and recruitment of patients.  We have developed a practical method to effectively engage relevant stakeholders and the community in the clinical research process.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email at midsouthcdrn@vanderbilt.edu.